360 Virtual Reality Director
Bassil Silim-Jones

No Angle I can't cover

My name is Bassil and I am the 360 VR Filmaker & Creative Director & partner at Merchlar, a full service digital agency.

A graduate in Communications, specializing in television production, I am product of a new generation of creatives who maintains an overview of both media creation and production. A hands on creative who works on all facets of a project.


From concept development to final output, I offer 
successful leadership according to the strategic
director set by the clients.

360 Camera operator

Knowledge and execute camera shots for
cinematic 360 VR productions

Stitching & Editing

Works with the raw footage, selecting shots, stitching
and combining them into sequences to create
a finished
360 VR product.

Latest Project

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Manulife- LOFT VR

Find out why Manulife is investing so much in an innovation lab called LOFT, Lab of Forward Thinking.
The VR film takes viewers to the newest lab in Singapore, the innovation hub of East Asia and explores
what it takes for corporate innovation.

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Follow me as you get a behind the scenes look at  various projects other random things that life has to offer.

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